The Process

3 Steps to achieve winning copy

Step 1:  Communication

Once agreed, I will hop on a consultation call with you. This allows us to get acquainted and for me to gain a deeper understanding of your business and who your customer is.

This is where we establish your goals and purpose for the project.

  • How well do you understand your business?
  • How well do you define your customer and their problems that you solve?
  • Do you have a basic understanding of the type of marketing you seek?

This initial process is to qualify each other. It allows for us to see if we are a good fit for one another.

Once we establish common ground, I’ll get your approval of the proposed project with an outlined document of the work.

This is to keep us both accountable and to ensure there’s a clear understanding of acceptance.

Step 2: The Work

Here’s where the magic happens.

Setting the groundwork from our questionnaire and discussion, I have a better understanding for the copy.

Here, I take the information and begin more in-depth research. This allows me to put myself in your shoes and your customers.

Analyzing who your audience is and looking at your competitors. I will draft the copy and create the framework necessary for the project.

The copy will then go through editing cycles until final product has been complete.

Step 3: Delivery

Upon completion of the project, the copy is yours.

Please understand that these files will only be text (no graphics).

Once you receive the file(s), if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.

If you want any revisions or adjustments to the copy, we will go over the work together and what changes will make sense.

Also, I would like to ask for your feedback.

This will let me know how you felt about the project, our communication, and overall collaboration.

Feedback is important to me as it lets me analyze and improve my process. It allows me to measure my quality of service to you and others.

A testimonial to share your experience working together will be greatly appreciated.

So Mike, how much will this cost me?

To avoid confusion, I do not charge by the hour.

I charge by project which is more clear and concise. 

The rate will vary upon the type of email project you are purchasing.

Whether you have a one time project or an on going project, all invoices will reflect a single line item project rate.

** I do offer monthly based services. We would work together on monthly email campaigns, with a three month minimal contractual agreement. After that, you may pay month to month and cancel at anytime.

By working monthly together, it allows us to build a stronger relationship while also providing me a deeper knowledge of your business.

The more we work together, the better I understand your brand and customers.

Want to know more?

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